UNI AIR Taipei (TSA) – Taitung (TTT), ATR 72-600

Flight facts:

flights: B7 8725

date: APR 5th, 2019

planes: ATR 72-600 (B-17010)

seat: 3K (window seat)

ticket price: 60 EUR / 1 500 CZK (one way)


Trip from Taipei (TSA) to Taitung (TTT)

Taiwan has three main domestic airlines flying from TSA to every Taiwanese airport (FAT – Far Eastern Air Transport, Mandarin Airlines and UNI Air). I booked a flight to Taitung with UNI Air and Mandarin Airlines for the return flight at the same day. Taitung is located on the southeast coast of Taiwan facing the Pacific Ocean. Taitung City is the most populous subdivision of Taitung County.

Official information about UNI AIR:

UNI AIR was formerly known as Makung Airlines. It was first established to serve Penghu residents and to strengthen local development. EVA AIR purchased the equity of Makung Airlines in 1995 and formally changed the Company’s name to UNI AIR in 1996.

UNI AIR follows in the footsteps of EVA AIR in maintaining international service standards in terms of both flight service and operation. On March 30, 2012, UNI AIR announced its brand new corporate identity logo. In addition to conveying the Evergreen Group’s spirit of enterprise, the logo also reflects its aircraft’s livery incorporates the new corporate identity: The body of aircraft painted in the green color, which symbolizes humanity’s most precious green earth. The upper half of the aircraft features sweeping orange and green lines to create a sincere, friendly and lively aura while fully showcasing UNI AIR’s business traits, which include innovation, forward-looking and flexibility.


Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA)

Taipei Songshan Airport is a mid-size commercial airport and military airbase  located in Songshan, Taipei, Taiwan. The civilian section of Songshan Airport, officially (臺北國際航空站Táiběi Gúojì Hángkōngzhàn), has scheduled flights to domestic destinations in Taiwan and international destinations including Seoul, Tokyo, and select cities in mainland China. Songshan Airport is also the base of certain Republic of China Air Force. The Songshan Base Command’s main mission is to serve the President and Vice President of the Republic of China.

TSA – Google maps

TSA Airport

TSA Airport – viewing terrace

Taipei Songshan Airport – domestic terminal

TSA airport map

Airport is open only 5:00 – 23:00

Taipei Songshan Airport – International terminal

International terminal

International Arrivals – Taipei Songshan Airport

Telecom, internet and mobile service

Bon Appetit

Chicken, beef, duck, gorilla or dog?

Domestic terminal

Between domestic and international terminal is the aviation store. (www.airshop.com.tw)

Decoration inside terminal

Far Eastern Air Transport (FAT) desk

Mandarin Airlines desk

UNI AIR desk

EVA AIR desk

Flights in the next hour: Kinmen, Beigan, Penghu, Nangan

Such a pretty design of the check-in desk…

Self check-in kiosk

Classic check-in

Carry-on Baggage Guide

Shanghai Airlines, Boeing 737

Mandarin Airlines – Embraer ERJ-190

My ATR 72-600 is almost ready

UNI AIR crew

Ready for boarding to flight B7-8725 from gate 13

Sightseeing tour at Songshan Airport


ATR 72-600, B-17010

Safety first

Welcome on board

Seat 3K

Safety demonstration

Ready for “power back”

Mandarin Airlines, ATR 72-600, B-16855

Safety instructions

Far Eastern Air Transport (FAT),McDonnell Douglas MD-82, B-28021

Taiwan – National Airborne Service Corps (NASC), Aérospatiale SA 365N1 Dauphin 2, NA-101

Line up RWY 10

Airport with Taipei Tower view

Nangang Exhibition Center, 南港展覽館

Onboard magazine – LES iles

Reading for everyone

UNI AIR fleet

EVA Air Home Delivery Shopping magazine

Yushan National Park, 玉山國家公園


UNI AIR domestic destinations

EVA/UNI AIR international routes

中華民國空軍第七飛行訓練聯隊, Fugang Harbor, Military base

“Flowing Lake, 台東森林公園活水湖”  and river from mountains

Taitung 臺東

Landing on the runway 04 at Taitung Airport (TTT)

Daily Airlines, Viking DHC-6-400, B-55571

I met very friendly locals from Taitung. Thank you for great stories from Taiwan and I wish you all the best my friends.

UNI AIR crew from my flight

Thank you for the safety flight.

Taitung Airport (RCFN)

Airport has two bridges for bigger planes.

FO (pilot) from my flight

I love the skyline view with the hills

Taitung Arrival Hall

Welcome in Taitung

Arrivals and Departures

Taitung Airport waterfalls

Small aviation exposition at Taitung Airport

Britten-Norman BN2-MK3 – “Trislander” (B-11112)

P150 Titan 4×4

Daily Air Corporation, Kawasaki BK117B-1, B-55507

Daily Airlines, Viking DHC-6-400, B-55571

Fire Brigade at Taitung Airport

Another Fire Brigade station at Taitung Airport

B-17010 is ready for departure to Taipei (flight: B7 8726)

UNI AIR “B-17010” is back from Taipei on flight B7 8727 after 2 hours


Let me know what do you think about my trip with UNI AIR in comment.

Thank you! Rosta


official UNI AIR text source: Wikipedia.org

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