UIA to Kiev

Flight facts:

flight: PS 0808 Ukraine International Airlines

date: APR 19, 2018

plane: Boeing 737-800

seat: 10A – WORST seat in plane

food: Pre-ordered (3 meals, total 25 EUR)

Short trip to Kiev with Ukraine international Airlines. I was on board UIA first time ever. Boeing 737-800 is standard plane in fleet.

With UIA to Kiev

Flight with Fly UIA from Prague to Kiev…FULL report: https://flyrosta.com/uia-to-kiev/

Zveřejnil(a) FlyRosta Kopecky dne Neděle 20. května 2018


Ukraine Airlines mobile APP with boarding pass

Prague Airport – Gate A8

Worst seat in the plane is 10A (Boeing 737-800)

Best co-flier Yirina.net

Pre-ordered meals on board

Logistic trouble with 3 meals for 2 pax

Meal photo session

Bon apetit

Price from 7 EUR (On board MENU)

Food rating: 85%

Cabin in Boeing 737-800 Ukraine International Airlines

The beauty of Ukrainian airlines… Katrin (instagram: snuggle.rina)

Behind the scene

Clouds surfing capture

After finish photo session


and business with stunning UIA crew!

Thank you @fly_uia

Model of Airport

I love KBP – nice 🙂


Flight with UIA was big surprise for me. I heard a lot about the quality of the UIA service, I met only with professional staff and good food.


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