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60 seconds of highlight of the MAKS Airshow in Moscow by associate FlyRosta.comThis year show features the MC-21, CR929 mock-up, A350, Embraer E195-E2, Berirev-200, Sukhoi superjet and more!..#samchui #samchuiphotos #maks #maksairshow #airshow #mc21 #CR929 #a350 #airbus350 #sukhoisuperjet100 #embraer #embraer190e2

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1st DAY – Video

Maks – Opening Day

MAKS 2019 – The first day was disappointing. Long waiting for transport. The scheduled displays were canceled and MC-21 onboard presentation was also closed for today… I hope in better second day.

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MC-21-300, Onboard tour + Display



MC-21-300 Display on Авиасалон МАКС

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C929 – Onboard Tour

Embraer E195 E2 – „Profit Hunter“, Onboard Tour

Airbus A350-900, Display

Airbus A350-900 XWB – MAKS 2019

Flying over the edge – Airbus A350-900 XWB on Авиасалон МАКС 2019

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Airbus Press Conference

SSJ100, Display

Sukhoi Su-57


Sukhoi Su-35, Rusian Knights Aerobatic Team

MIG 35




Press/Media center

Beriev Be 200/Бе-200

MAKS Collection vol.1 – Beriev Be 200/Бе-200

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Adieu MAKS 2019

Прощай MAKC/Adieu MAKS – Ural Airlines' pilot waved by wings to all MAKS 2019 visitors after departure from Zhukovsky Airport on the route U6751 to Prague.

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