Next popular media content for social media is called „Cinemagraph“. You can watch many version of this new format… like a GIF

or simple video. I used an old watter salute from the first flight A380 Emirates to Prague. Idea and concept of this format is simple. One part of the picture is a movie (for me it is a watter) and the second is still image (aircraft). If you work with adobe Photoshop or After Effects it’s a simple way for you to create first Cinemagraph. If you want to know more, write me to comments.

A380 Emirates at Prague Airport – Letiště Praha Cinemagraphs

Zveřejnil(a) Rosťa Kopecký dne 18. červen 2017

2 thoughts on “Cinemagraph

    1. Rostislav Kopecký

      Záleží na délce videa, ale pohybuje se v jednotkách MB až do desítek 🙂

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