With BELAVIA to Astana

Flight Prague – Minsk facts:

flights: B2 862

date: SEP 8th, 2017

planes: Boeing 737-300 (EW-366PA)

seat: 6B (middle seat)

flight duration: 1 hrs 30 min


My first experience with Belavia was on the way to Kazakhstan. Flight from Prague to Astana/Nur-Sultan was made thought the main Belarus airlines’ base in Minsk. Belavia operate daily service from Prague(PRG) to Minsk (MSQ) by Boeing 737 or Embraer E195. All non-Schengen’s flights are handled from Terminal 1.


Video report from flight Prague – Minsk – Astana

Prague Airport, Terminal 1, Gate A7


Our fantastic crew from the first part of our flight PRAGUE – MINSK

Business class seats – Only for us and crew


In Flight Entertainment – Fun included

Landing at Minsk Airport and the old aircraft behind the window (Il-76, AN-12 and more)



Welcome to MINSK

We spent few hours out of the terminal during our short transfer. One of the iconic planes TU-154 is located near MSQ terminal. Aircraft is behind the fence but still very good view on the aviation history. Unfortunately outside was very cold weather and we return to the airport hall. Flight from Minsk to Astana was scheduled later afternoon.


Flight Minska – Astana facts:

flights: B2 775

date: SEP 8th, 2017

planes: Boeing 737-800 (EW-437PA)

seat: 3B

flight time: 3 hrs 30 min


We are waiting for boarding, Gate A7, Terminal 1

Second part of the flight to Astana…


Chicken or beef…?

Meal on the flight to Astana was in very good quality and pretty tasty

Everything in one “magic” meal box

Night flight from Minsk to Astana is around three and half hour.


Final summary: I was very surprised from quality of the service, familiar crew and tasty onboard meal, longer transfer time in Minsk


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