With BELAVIA to Astana


Belavia TRIP

Zveřejnil(a) Rosťa Kopecký dne 27. září 2017


Boeing 737-300 (EW-366PA)

flight number: B2 862

Our fantastic crew from first part of our flight PRAGUE – MINSK

Business class seats – Only for us and crew

On board entertainment

Landing at Minsk and the old aircraft behind the window (Il-76, AN-12 and more)

B737-300 EW-254PA (Wolrd of Tanks livery) / You need travel insurance to enter Belarus

Short walkaround of Minsk airport


Boeing 737-800 (EW-437PA)

flight number: B2 775


Second part of the flight to Astana…

chicken or beef…?

Big surprise, good food and perfect service.

Everything in one „magic“ box

We are finally in Astana

Thank you Belavia…!


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